Sainsbury's 'Bags of Personality'
For 'Lambie-Nairn'

Sainsbury’s wanted to create a visually and emotionally appealing range of reusable bags that would entice customers to swap their disposable bags for lasting ones. They asked Lambie-Nairn to help. The bags needed to have a link across the range but still clearly serve unique purposes, whether that be heavy duty large carriers or freezer bags.

The solution I came up with was designed to have ‘bags of personality’.

I playfully expressed the strength of each bag (heavy duty, foldable, etc.) using an illustration of an animal that personifies that strength. I drew and linocut each animal to give each one a crafted, textured feel. My light-hearted headlines for the front of each bag reflected the illustration, while copy on the reverse gave each bag its own ‘species’ name (Reliabag, Refoldabag, etc) and then cheerily extolled its virtues.

The bags appeared in the Design Weeks Awards book in 2010 and were Winner in the WPPED Cream Awards 2010.

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Project Summary



Design Weeks Awards 2010 – In Book

WPPED Cream Awards 2010 – Winner

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