Sovereign Aesthetique

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique of shaping and drawing eyebrows that involves using tiny, fine-point needles to deposit pigment under your skin – creating the illusion of fuller brows. It takes around two and a half hours using careful geometric calculations and specially designed precision tools to create the prefect brow.

We were asked by a new client to help brand their new microblading business Sovereign Aesthetic. It was felt that precision and prestige were the key notions to express, with a minimalistic, elegant edge.

The client also wanted to reflect the tools of their trade in the logo. These being the compass-like instruments used to determine the unique and optimal brow proportions for each client.

We created an elegant sovereign ‘crown’ marque by repeating a simplified expression of the measuring tool shape. The crown was reproduced in muted shades of gold and paired with a specially drawn minimalist logotype for a refined luxury brand feel. The logotype incorporates an angular and visually arresting central R to complement the angular crown marque.

The client commented that “Susan was recommended to me and I was immediately impressed by the level of knowledge and passion in her work. Susan really took the time to find out as much about me, my business and my style as possible and swiftly came up with a beautiful and modern idea with a clever twist – which is exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend Susan and could not be happier with the whole process and the final outcome!”

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Project Summary

Brand Identity