O2 Czechoslovakia
For 'Lambie-Nairn'

O2 Czechoslovakia were sponsoring a ‘Search for Robin Hood’ television entertainment programme and needed O2 sponsorship spots for air during commercial breaks and at the end of the show. O2 Cz asked Lambie-Nairn to present concepts that would reinforce brand recognition.

The spots would ideally demonstrate the benefits of O2’s customer offer by linking them to the challenges contestants faced whilst competing to be the next Robin Hood. They also needed to fit closely with O2’s specific visual style (always strongly blue with a dreamlike quality and either featuring bubbles or Neon elements).

I created several concepts, each one shown through annotated storyboards and styling visuals.

The chosen route was ‘O2. We’re with you all the way.’

The spots each show a nervous contestant waiting in the wings, in period dress, before their audition for Search for Robin Hood. As they battle with stage fright, texts of encouragement from their friends are delivered by scroll on a classic Robin Hood arrow to give them the strength to deliver their best performance. With renewed confidence they step out on to the stage to the roar of the crowd.

Each spot features the voice-over which translates as “With us, you are never alone”.

Once the concepts had been approved, the spots were shot with shallow depth of field, beautiful rich colour and a dreamlike, intimate feel on location in Czechoslovakia. 4 x15 second sponsorship spots were produced and aired during the show.

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Project Summary

Sponsorship Spots

Storyboard and screen grabs from 'Make up' spot

'Make up' spot

Storyboard and screen grabs from 'Props' spot

'Props' spot