AAR Brand Identity
For 'The Partners'

The AAR facilitate new relationships between creative agencies and client, having a unique perspective upon both parties’ challenges. They asked The Partners to define their brand positioning and update their logo.

The new brand mark and service offering lockup helped them express the breadth of their offer at a glance. I defined the new visual style featuring black and white photographic juxtapositions that playfully evoked client partner relationships, and I created a new suite of literature covers, signage and stationery to give them the stand out they needed in a chaotic marketplace. 

The brand and identity guidelines I designed, were housed in a top to toe reversible format. One half was designed to ‘Push’ for a great brand in the Brand Positioning section, and when you flipped the document over, the Design guidelines section was designed to ‘Pull’ everything together through dynamic, cohesive design.

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Project Summary

Brand Identity
Brand Guidelines